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Dinos Try Baking
Dino's Try Baking

Benji the Dinosaur is in a hurry. He needs to pick up the cake for his little brother's birthday party. When the baker can't help, he decides to make the cake himself. Can he do it? Will he bake the cake? How many things will he get wrong, for goodness sake?

Dino's Try Baking is a fun, rhyming children's book about Benji the dinosaur and the great adventure he finds himself on, when he tries to pick up his brother's birthday cake. Will Benji make it back home with the cake, in time?

Farrah Fairy Makes a New Friend

Farrah is a shy, young fairy that loves to work in her garden. One day at school, her teacher Ms. Flora reminds everyone that tomorrow is the "Bring a Friend" day. Farrah forgot all about it! She begins to worry that she won't have a friend to bring to the party. Farrah decides to go on an adventure to try and make a new friend, in time for the big party. What wondrous new discoveries will she make on her grand adventure? Can she do it in time or will she find herself alone at the big "Bring a Friend" party?

Fairmaidia: Farrah Fairy Makes a New Friend is a bright, colorful story that takes Farrah on an fantastic adventure that shows the value of friendship and helps foster imagination, teaching about the strength that develops from working to overcome obstacles and believing in yourself.




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