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Creative 215 Media is all about happiness and entertainment. We feel the key to a happy life is finding the thing you were meant to do and putting your whole self into achieving that dream. If you do something you love, it's not work!

Creating wonderfully fun and exciting children's books full of adventure, relatably awesome characters, great places and friendships is the backbone of what we do. Bringing life to our stories and hoping you love them as much as we do, is what gives us the motivation to keep discovering new characters with fantastic stories to share.

Our goal is to find ways to share our dream with as many people as possible and Creative 215 Media is how we do that.

Through reading all of our book series: Dino's Try, Fairmaidia, Wonder City and Norton the Monkey Ninja, watching our YouTube videos, listening to audiobooks, playing with our interactive games, toys and more, you become the heart of all that we do and the reason why we do it. Spreading the message of happiness, imagination, love and acceptance.

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