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Michelle McCombs

Michelle grew up reading everything she crossed paths with; books, magazines, flyers, comics, mugs, t-shirts, just to name a few. If it had words, she considered it a "must read". That's when she knew she wanted to share her love of reading with others by writing fun books for kids that hopefully inspired that same love in others. When she met her husband, James who loved to draw, she knew together they were a fun book, just waiting to happen. Drawing inspiration from the wonderful imaginations of their kids, Michelle and James love to tell stories of fun, energetic, smart kids just like you and the characters of their books.

James McCombs

Art is what James did for fun growing up. When he was about 9, he realized that he'd be living his dream, if he could create art everyday. So that's what he set out to do! It didn't hurt that his best friend and wife loved to write. So they set out to create amazing, colorful new worlds and amazing characters to share with you. James' fondest wish is that you enjoy the books he helps create, as much as he enjoyed bringing them to life for you.

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