Farrah Fairy

Farrah is sweet and loves flowers and gardening. Her shy, quiet nature, makes it hard to make friends, but when she lets her guard down, she finds that making friends and growing a friendship might be even more fun than her garden. Maybe there is more to Fairmaidia than flowers?


Mina loves to be outdoors. She's energetic and likes to have fun by turning normal things into a game. She helps take care of all the Puffalews in Fairmaidia. Puffalews are adorable fluffy white animals that resemble sheep. They live in the hills and valleys of Magical Mountain.


Livie is kind and thoughtful. She takes care of the wetlands and the adorable creatures who live there. She loves to teach everyone all about them. Tuttlebirds are cute little turtles with colorful lacy wings that sparkle. Tuttlebirds fly all around, nesting in the Land of the Lillie pads.


Emmie is playful and friendly. She helps the Owlettes protect the Forests of Friendship. She loves to meet new fairies and make friends all over Fairmaidia. Owlettes are loving and sweet, but fiercely protective of their surroundings. Only trusted friend are allowed near. Once you make friends with them you'll always be a friend.

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